Cringey Conversations You Need to Have Before You Get Married and How to Navigate Them

One of the main components of having a healthy marriage is the ability to have an open level of communication. However, in order for your marriage to have the most success, the lines of communication must be opened way before the nuptials are performed.

Sharing Finances

Money is probably one of the most sensitive topics that most people shy away from discussing if they can. However, when you are planning to make a life with someone, you must talk about how the two of you will handle your finances as they will now become one. Even if you don’t literally share the same bank account, once you are married, the debts that you create will more than likely affect you both, therefore you should discuss how the finances will be budgeted, spent, et cetera.

Getting a Prenup

Just as many people dread the idea of planning for death, some people also feel that signing a prenup is a way of planning for the divorce. While this may seem like the case, at the end of the day, divorce is always a possibility no matter how slim that might be. A prenuptial agreement protects both parties in the event of a divorce. Although the conversation can be difficult to have, you can let your loved one know that you want them to be protected as well should things change between you later on.

Life Goals

When it comes to marriage, most people assume that everyone thinks of marriage as meeting someone you like–you fall in love, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. However, this is not always the fantasy for everyone and, unfortunately, some people find out when it is too late. One thing you cannot afford to wait to find out is if your significant other wants children. While men can have a number of years to delay fatherhood, women don’t have that option. Therefore, not only must you talk about the if when it comes to children, but the when as well, especially if you are marrying a little later in life.

In order for you to avoid a lot of resentment later on, it is important that you ask your loved one the tough questions and have the difficult conversations ahead of time. It is better to find out that your loved one doesn’t want children or refuses to cooperate with finances and you break up, than to find out after 10 years of marriage. Although these are tough conversations, there is much greater possibility for utmost success in your future marriage if you plan accordingly.

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