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4 Ways to Increase Your Balance and Stability

Building up core strength is critical to improving your balance over time. Also, increasing strength and flexibility in your legs and feet is crucial. If you’re struggling with balance issues, it may be time to work with a trainer or physical therapist.

Balance Pads

Balance pads are actually designed to make balancing in your bare feet more of a challenge. If you have enough strength to balance on one foot on a bare floor or yoga mat, working out with balance pads can increase your strength. For those who already have challenges balancing in their bare feet or in sturdy, stable shoes, it’s best to stay on the floor.

Barre Exercises

Anyone who’s suffered a brain, spinal or leg injury may find they struggle with balance as they heal. These types of injury can cause you to favor one leg, leading to weakness on one side or a slightly uneven gait. Anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury may struggle to regain balance after a rapid turn of the head. To rebuild even muscular strength, working out with a ballet barre can help. You can practice working on the weakened leg or simply stabilize yourself while you stretch, flex or squat.

Physical Therapy

Working with a physical therapist is an ideal way to rebuild your balance and gain stability. Whether you work with your PT professional at a clinic or a gym, they will carefully observe how you move. With this observation, they can adjust your stance and help you build better form. If your region offers therapy classes, you may be able to visit a senior center or a community center for group classes of yoga or Qigong. Different kinds of therapy can combat different balance issues. No matter your challenge, careful observation can help you to find the proper stance and improve your balance over time.

Use What You Have at Home

While working with a physical therapist can have many benefits, there are also a lot of things you can do from home to increase your balance and stability. All you need is yourself and a few common household items, like a chair. A simple way to improve your balance is to practice standing from a chair without using your hands. Once you’re up, you can stand behind the chair and practice heel-to-toe lifts to build strength and flexibility in your calves.

The most important part of maintaining strength and balance is to avoid sitting for long periods of time. If you’re able, try to develop a walking habit several times a day. If your feet and knees can’t take the pressure, visit a local swimming pool and walk in the water with your hand on the edge of the pool. Things like group classes, strengthening exercises, and therapy can help you to get more balanced and stable, especially after an injury. Doing these things will help you to stay more fit and comfortable throughout each day.

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