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4 Reasons Office Workers Should Consider Yoga Classes

Working in an office has some benefits, but a major disadvantage is being stuck behind a desk the majority of the day. Your body needs to move, and too much sitting can put a strain on your muscles. Yoga is a must for anyone who has an office job because it can help soothe issues a sedentary job may cause.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The repetitive motions of an office job can lead to many common injuries. Carpal tunnel is one of them. Carpal tunnel causes pain and numbness in the hands and wrists, and you are at risk of suffering from it if you use a computer all day.

Yoga has specific poses that help ease the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga instructors can also instruct participants on how they should modify a pose if they have problems with carpal tunnel. A regular yoga practice can help undo some of the damage office work causes to your wrists.


After a day at an office job, it’s normal to want to zone out. During the workday, you might also find that you have trouble concentrating since you are sitting and focusing on a screen for so long. Yoga can help with this by sharpening your focus and concentration.

Yoga teaches you how to flush out mental excess and simply focus on the moment you are in. You learn how to pay attention to your breathing and let everything else fall away. This can give you more energy after a long workday and help you concentrate when you do return to the office.

Neck Pain

As statistics say, neck injuries are common. It’s possible to experience a sore neck regularly if you work in an office and don’t get to move often. Fortunately, yoga practice can help.

Yoga teaches you how to scan your body and relax your muscles. Yoga poses build strength in your muscles, and this should help you with posture when you work. Your body also often feels like toxins have been released after a good session, and this eliminates pain.


The artificial light of most indoor workplaces doesn’t cue our bodies to wind down for sleep. Add in the fact that you may be staring at a screen most of your workday, and quality sleep can prove elusive. If you practice yoga, plan on sleeping better with a clearer mind and a relaxed body. Yoga has been proven to help those with sleep problems, so you will return to work the next day feeling refreshed.

Yoga is beneficial for most anyone, but people who work in an office should definitely try it. It can alleviate common problems related to office work. So if you are suffering from one of these common problems, yoga might be worth a try.

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