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Planning Your Schedule to Encourage a Fit Lifestyle

Living well starts with a commitment. Anyone can dream about living a healthier lifestyle, but turning your desire for a more active existence into reality takes time. The good news is that you can make small changes every day that allow you to live a much more fit lifestyle.


Working out is like any other skill; you have to practice it repeatedly in order to improve. Seeing results won’t happen overnight, and far too many people start off too intense at the gym and burn out in a few weeks. Consider exercise something that will be a part of your life, not something separate from it. Make a promise to yourself that you will exercise at least three days per week for 30 minutes. Do this for a month, then add another day or two to your schedule. Strive to exercise around the same time each day. This is better for your body because it gives it enough time to recover from workouts. It also makes it easier for you to stay consistent.

Limit Technology Use

It has been speculated that people spend two hours a day on social media. It’s easy to log into your favorite apps and lose hours to endless scrolling. Avoid using any social media during the day, especially before you’re about to exercise. If you sit down before you hit the gym, you could easily spend over an hour staring at screens and crush any motivation you had to work out.

Limiting your technology use will also be better for your mental health, which is a major component of total wellness. Some people turn to the internet as a distraction from feelings of depression or anxiety, but social media actually exacerbates these conditions.

Set Small Goals

It’s easier to stay motivated if you feel like you’re making real progress. Some people set goals that paralyze rather than inspire them. If you want to stay consistent with working out, then make smaller goals throughout the day that help you implement exercise into your life.

You may decide that you’ll do a five-minute leg workout every morning before you get dressed, for example. Measuring progress should be rewarding, not stressful. With this in mind, remember to be kind to yourself as you embark on this journey.

Living healthy isn’t easy if you’ve developed poor habits, but they can be broken. Within a few months, you’ll be amazed at how much more energetic and inspired you feel every day.

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