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Why Is Proper Form While Exercising So Important?

Practicing proper form during your workout is absolutely essential to seeing results and keeping you healthy in the process. Feeling the pain and seeing little to no results is one of the leading reasons for people leaving their gym and simply ending their weight loss journey. The following list includes an extended list of why practicing proper form while exercising is so important.

Better Building

Most exercises that you will partake in at the gym or at home will target one or two muscles on your body. A good example of this is barbell overhead presses. The target muscle here should be your shoulders with a little bit of biceps and triceps to help you carry the weight. Now, if proper form is not practiced, then you might begin to start targeting other areas that you were not intended on hitting, such as your chest and legs. This, of course, can prevent you from building the proper muscles and thus can cause a lack of enthusiasm when results don’t seem to come.

Injury Prevention

You might have heard this a million times, but it’s true. Not practicing proper form can cause a variety of injuries both within your bones and muscle tissue. Improper exercise may manifest into expensive spinal cord injuries. Thus, it is important to look at yourself when you’re at the gym (This is what those mirrors are for). Looking at your form as you pull, twist, and push can help you correct it quickly, which, in turn, enables you to avoid injuries. It is also recommended that you never attempt to carry more weight than you can handle.

Prevent Wasted Energy

Ever feel like you get out of breath pretty easily and thus never complete an entire workout list for the day? This may have nothing to do with being new at the gym, but more so about your form. When you don’t practice proper form, you begin to start utilizing other muscles as well as a less efficient range of motion, which causes you to expel unnecessary energy to get the weight up.

As you can clearly see from the list above, proper form plays a huge part in the results you see on your body and your overall health. If you are still unsure about your form, make sure to reach out to a trainer at your local gym, many of them will help you with small form issues free of charge.

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