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Does Social Media Ruin Relationships?

I am finally back with a post that I’ve been talking about doing for months now on social media and relationships and specifically the topic “does social media ruin relationships?”. Now if you guys know me I have been on Instagram since Instagram came out. I’ve been on social media EVERYWHERE. I’ve been in relationships whilst being on social media and I’ve also been single whilst being on social media. So I kind of know-how things go just based on my own experiences. Now this doesn’t need to be your opinion is just solely my opinion you can leave your opinion below in the comments and we can talk about it. So first I would say yes social media does ruin your relationships. But when you really think about it, you can’t be that one-sided. You have to think it’s the people that’s actually in the relationship.

Who are you with? usually it’s a person that’s on social media and then it’s a person who’s not on social media or maybe That’s not so active on social media. It’s one of the two. Now if one person is that’s on social media is conducting themselves in a negative way and they’re doing things that their partner does not agree with that’s a whole nother situation. We’re talking about the situation of a partner doing the things by the book, not throwing thirst traps out there. aka infamous “look at my socks but my ass/ tits are half out, or for guys…pics with their chubbs in grey sweatpants with a passage from the bible as a caption . Cut the shit….that crap is NOT appropriate in a relationship on social media and Id say youre screaming out for the WRONG kind of attention.

Y’all know what you’re doing when you’re doing it classy and when you’re just trying to get attention. I can’t even say that I haven’t thrown thirst traps out there when I’ve been single but I sure as fuck wasn’t doing them when I was with somebody. But anyway…. on to the topic.

I feel like it has to do with the person that you’re with. It doesn’t matter if a person is jealous if they’re manipulative and their partner is conducting themselves properly, that jealous person is always going to have an issue with the social media. On the flip side if someone is doing things on social media that are inappropriate and disrespectful towards a relationship and the partner is NOT jealous and they’re NOT insecure and this person that’s on social media that’s doing that that will create a problem OR make jealousy and insecurities arise within their partner even if they weren’t pre-existing. . So it really depends on the people out there in the relationship how they’re conducting themselves.

I do not believe that weak relationships survive social media or weak connections survive social media. I have been in a situation where I have gotten into relationships and social media was fine in the beginning and then a year later. It was like delete everything. (HE GOT THE STRAIGHT BOOT) and ultimately they blamed me for ending the relationship on my social media, but It was not me that ended that relationship. It was the person that I was with and he tried to change me. Now. There are people that have been out there that I have run into online or wherever and they have told me straight up ” I have an issue with your social media and I’m not going to be able to handle it” .That’s great props to them, thank you for not wasting my time. I can always appreciate and respect that. But they’re always those ones that are slick that get in there and then they try to change you down the line.

If you’re in a relationship with someone and you know that you’re doing the right things, you know you’re responding properly and you can look through someone’s social media, you can see how they’re responding to people, you can see if they’re being respectful. Also, you don’t need to be all over social media with your partner to make it evident that you are in a relationship. I do not think that is important. I think that the stigma that’s attached to having all these couple pictures.Traveling here and there, in the gym,, kissing on camera yada yada .It’s not fucking important. Ive traveled all over the place in one year with my fiance. Do I have one picture of us together? No, and I like it. Our relationship is good. It works for us. We’re not all over fucking social media. So you don’t need to be all over social media to validate your relationship. And if you feel like you need to do that to validate your relationship, then you probably are doing the wrong things in life.

the whole stigma on social media ruining relationships I do not believe is true. Social media is used for such powerful things these days like building businesses. I built my business based on my social media. My partner that I’m currently with has pushed me to build my business. He pushed me to be out there. He pushed me to have more followers and he wants me to have more. My partners previously were completely against that. They wanted me to cut myself off from the world and could not handle the attention. I knew that there was more there. It was not for attention. It was an outlet for me because normally in real life I am very introverted .when I tell you I don’t have a circle of friends, I do not have a circle of friends. Never did, I’ve always had kind of family-like situations and obviously I have my sons.

when it boils down to is I feel like it depends on your partner. It depends on On how strong your connection is where they are mentally how you’re conducting yourself on social media how you’re responding to people and how the overall health of your relationship is. you know, the insecurities and the faults in the cracks of your relationship will show in different ways. And that’s just the nature of it. But if you are out there and you are with someone and you are trying to build something with your social media and you are doing good things and you’re with a partner that is just on your fucking ass about your social media and you’re not doing anything wrong. Tell them to fuck on-off. They will not stop that and eventually they will try to change you, and they will try to manipulate you. this happens a lot with people on social media. This is how joint Facebooks happen, accounts get deactivated and reactivated. I’m on social media, I’m fucking everywhere. I want to be even more places soon. My partner’s completely fine with it and I’ve also had the complete opposite.

It’s completely possible for you to find someone that’s okay with your social media. All in all, social media does NOT ruin relationships, shitty people ruin relationships.

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