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2019 Instagram Banned Hashtags

Instagram has finally did it. Instagram started flexing its muscles at the fake accounts running amok on the platform. How are they doing it, you ask? Hashtags. For about a year now, Instagram has been compiling a list of “problematic” hashtags which are known to be used by these illegitimate profiles.
They’ve updated the explore and search pages to hide posts that include these hashtags.

As Instagram’s popularity increased, it began to catch the eye of botters and spammers. These accounts quickly began to multiply and started to negatively impact the experience of regular users. The IG team leaped into action by updating the application and making adjustments to the algorithm. The software’s
ability to detect bots has become more sophisticated, and they’ll label an account as spam if specific
hashtags are used.

Users can find posts and accounts that interest them through the use of hashtags. Businesses are aware of this fact and will use hashtags on their posts that will target their ideal customer. These innocent businesses are always in danger of being hit in the crossfire of automatic spam detection. Their accounts could be ruined because they were unaware of which hashtags are banned.

A Closer Look at 2019 Instagram Banned Hashtags

Sometimes the hashtags Instagram decides to ban appear to be completely random and innocuous.
Hashtag bans aren’t always permanent; they put temporary bans in place when spammers start abusing commonly used hashtags. The ban lasts until the barrage is over, and then they go back to functioning

Avoid using banned hashtags at all costs. Your account could end up shadowbanned, meaning your followers won’t be able to see your content. You could even end up with a locked account if you’re not careful. Anytime you want to start using a hashtag you’ve never used before, take a quick look at the list
of 2019 Instagram banned hashtags, so you don’t endanger your account.

So, why would Instagram ban commonly used and seemingly honest hashtags? They play no favorites; if a hashtag attracts spam, they will ban it. Believe it or not, Instagram banned #happythanksgiving for a
while because of spammers. That goes to show you that nothing is entirely immune, and you always need to be aware of the current 2019 Instagram banned hashtags.

What are the Consequences of Using Banned Hashtags?

If you accidentally use a banned hashtag one time, you’ll probably be fine. Repeated use will set off alarm bells on Instagram’s spam detector, and it’ll flag your account. The more you do it, the higher the odds your account will get shadowbanned or completely deactivated. Shadowbanning is a bit sneaky because you might not even notice it happened to you. Your biggest clue will be that your engagement drops off significantly and you won’t appear in hashtag searches.

If your account gets a shadowban, it can still be saved. You’ll need to be diligent when following
Instagram’s terms and conditions. If you need some guidance, there are social media agencies that specialize in helping people who find themselves in this situation.

The banning of hashtags by Instagram is a necessary evil. They need to balance a fine line between
allowing companies to promote their business, while also providing users with a pleasant experience.
Don’t take anything for granted; it can take a lot of time and effort to build up a following and it can all be taken away in an instant. Do yourself a favor and stay up to date on the 2019 Instagram banned hashtags.

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